5 Reasons NOT to Hire THAT Web Developer

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Knowing what to look for will save you time, money, and headaches! As an Internet Marketing professional since 1993, it’s funny how “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.  This industry has always been full of people who have no business being in this industry… and it’s … Read more…

Are You Putting Your Business Facebook Presence in Jeopardy?

Originally written with Chamber of Commerce organizations in mind, (because I’ve become “Friends” with more than 100 Chambers over the past several weeks), I’ve decided to rewrite it for businesses in general because I’m seeing so many business owners heading down a path to disaster because they’re getting the wrong … Read more…

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REALTORS®: 5 Reasons to Switch Your Website to WordPress

There’s no doubt the real estate industry has been greatly impacted by the introduction of the Internet.  My very first client was a RE/MAX team.  I put them online over a year before remax.com went online.  For nearly 20 years now, websites have played a major role in helping REALTORS® … Read more…

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The following web services are available: Web Hosting:$240  Annually WordPress Installation:Determined by project and theme Email:Included in Web Hosting SEO (Search Engine Optimization):Determined by project Blogging Social Media Integration Mobile Web Development Pin It

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