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Speaker, Presenter, & Workshops There are only TWO reasons you need to be focusing on Internet Marketing and Social Networking. To get ranked in Google, Yahoo! and Bing To build relationships I know… you’re asking yourself: “What about making money?”  Believe me… master these two things and the money will … Read more…

Workshops & Breakout Sessions

Speaker, Presenter, & Workshops Workshops & Breakout Sessions WordPress Basic & Advanced Google & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Websites, Social Networking, and Search Engine Ranking. Social Media & Social Networking Overviews Social Media & Social Networking Strategies Business Networking Please let me know how I can help:

Speaker, Presenter, Seminars, & Workshops

Speaker, Presenter, & Workshops Keynote Speaker Emcee How Your Chamber can use Social Media to Increase “Non-Dues” Revenue Social Networking & Social Media Workshops Social Media 101 – Where do you start? Facebook for Your Business How should YOUR Business use Twitter Effectively Foursquare… What and Why? LinkedIn: A World … Read more…

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