What We Can Learn from the United Airlines & Leggings Fiasco

United Airlines Teens Leggings Banned from Flight

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re well aware of the recent uproar and backlash on social media surrounding United Airlines and the 2 children who were barred from a flight for wearing leggings. You know how it started?  A tweet.  One single tweet by a passenger who didn’t know … Read more…

Hoax: Recommended by a Lawyer – Facebook Privacy Notice 2017

Facebook Recommended by a Lawyer Privacy Notice 2017 Hoax

Every year since 2012, after Facebook became a publicly traded company, a “Facebook Privacy Notice” surfaces.  It’s happening again in February, 2017. This is garbage.  This is NOT true.  This will NOT do anything for you legally.  Seriously… it takes less than 30 seconds to do a little research and … Read more…

Get Ranked! Internet Marketing Series

Get Ranked Wordpress Websites SEO Search Engine Optimization Blogging Expert Lakeville Twin Cities MN

What is “Get Ranked”? “Get Ranked!” is an Internet Marketing series covering the following topics: How Google Works – In-depth look Google search results – What Google looks for to determine website ranking – How results can vary – How to build a relationship with Google to “Get Ranked!” Websites & … Read more…


Wordpress Websites SEO Search Engine Optimization Blogging Expert Lakeville Twin Cities MN

Speaker, Presenter, & Workshops There are only TWO reasons you need to be focusing on Internet Marketing and Social Networking. To get ranked in Google, Yahoo! and Bing To build relationships I know… you’re asking yourself: “What about making money?”  Believe me… master these two things and the money will … Read more…

Social Media for REALTORS®

Effective Social Media for REALTORS® Real Estate Agents Lakeville Twin Cities MN

Tuesday, Jan. 31st, 2017 Private event for the 40 real estate agents with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Lovejoy Realty in Lakeville, MN. OVERVIEW: It’s Social NETWORKING! Identifying Your Audience Which Social Networking Platforms? Connect, Engage, & Have Fun! Questions

Speaker, Presenter, Workshops

Social Media Networking Speaker Presenter Seminars Conferences Twin Cities MN

Speaker, Presenter, & Workshops Public Speaker Keynote Speaker Presenter Breakout Sessions Emcee Topics Effective Offline Networking Effective Online Networking Social Networking to Build Business Relationships Social Networking to Increase Search Engine Visibility Websites, SEO, Social Media – Create the Complete Marketing Package Workshops & Breakout Sessions Social Media 101 & Social … Read more…

William Wells – Short Bio

Twin Cities MN Internet Marketing Strategist William Wells

Internet Marketing Strategist & Public Speaker Putting Businesses Online since 1993 William is a native Minnesotan, born and raised in Duluth. Upon leaving MN in the early ’80′s, he spent six years in “Corporate America” working for a sister company of IBM. That experience taught him structure, communication, problem solving, … Read more…

Going Social – 5 Minute Presentation

Stop struggling with Social Media… a little education goes a long way! This was a presentation I gave to a local business networking group earlier in February, 2012. Let me know how I can help!

Are You Putting Your Business Facebook Presence in Jeopardy?

Originally written with Chamber of Commerce organizations in mind, (because I’ve become “Friends” with more than 100 Chambers over the past several weeks), I’ve decided to rewrite it for businesses in general because I’m seeing so many business owners heading down a path to disaster because they’re getting the wrong … Read more…

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