Get Ranked! Internet Marketing Series


Get Ranked WordPress Websites SEO Search Engine Optimization Blogging Expert Lakeville Twin Cities MNWhat is “Get Ranked”?

“Get Ranked!” is an Internet Marketing series covering the following topics:

  • How Google Works
    – In-depth look Google search results
    – What Google looks for to determine website ranking
    – How results can vary
    – How to build a relationship with Google to “Get Ranked!”
  • Websites & Website Development
    – How to “Vet” your website designer
    – Which platform is best and why
    – What is a mobile friendly, social friendly, search engine optimized website?
    – How to analyze your competitor’s online presence
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    – What is SEO?
    – Is your website ready for SEO?
    – How to rank higher than your competitors
  • Blogging
    – What is “Blogging”?
    – Why you SHOULD “Blog”
    – What you SHOULDN’T do
    – Which platform to use for best results
    – What to do after you “Blog”
  • Social Networking
    – Which tools should you use?
    – How to engage with your target audience
    – Setting them up correctly can improve your search engine rankings
    – Sharing your content to help rankings in Google

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