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Internet Marketing Strategist & Public Speaker
Putting Businesses Online since 1993

Twin Cities MN Internet Marketing Strategist William WellsWilliam is a native Minnesotan, born and raised in Duluth. Upon leaving MN in the early ’80′s, he spent six years in “Corporate America” working for a sister company of IBM. That experience taught him structure, communication, problem solving, and how to deal with people at various levels of corporate management.

This was followed by a few years serving as VP for a small business with nearly 60 offices scattered throughout the state of Florida. He was responsible for and ran one of the offices. That experience taught him leadership, discipline, introduced him to “accountability”, trained him in marketing, and helped him learn how to deal with people OUTSIDE of “Corporate America”.

By then, the Internet was starting to get noticed by the general public and in the early ’90′s, he likes to say “I saw the wave and swam out to it”. He began teaching himself all things Internet. The combination of leadership, structure, discipline, problem solving, marketing, and dealing with people at a variety of levels allowed him to “have what it takes” to start a business.

In 1993 he developed his first website for his first real paying client. It happened to be a RE/MAX real estate team outside Denver. Remax.com wouldn’t go online for another two years. He never met that client face to face… and never would. The Internet was revolutionizing how business and networking was going to be done. There were approximately 2000 to 3000 actual websites in existence. No Ebay, Amazon, Realtor.com, Google. There were no schools for this back then. There were no real “online tutorials”. It was like the wild west. A free-for-all. This stuff was being made up along the way. Since that time, he’s immersed himself in and taught himself all things Internet while learning a great deal about small businesses… their wants… their needs.

From 2008 to 2011, William served as CEO of a county Chamber of Commerce in the 33rd largest county of the 95 counties in Tennessee. In early 2011, William moved back to Minnesota to marry his childhood “crush”.

William’s articles have been published in a variety of printed materials and online. He’s appeared on local news channels in the Twin Cities and other metropolitan areas across the country. He’s spoken to groups large and small throughout the United States on a variety of business marketing topics including “Networking”, “Online Marketing”, “Social Media” and more.

His passion is educating business owners and simplifying the seemingly complex topic of Internet Marketing, SEO, and Social Networking. He has a proven track record, helping businesses all over the world get on the “Internet Map” and he looks forward to helping YOU!

Contact William and let him know how he can help!

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