Search Engine Optimized Mobile Ready Websites

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Your website is your Internet lifeline.  Your search engine visibility is crucial.  Your ability to interact socially is vital.  If your website doesn’t work on mobile devices, you’re losing leads, customers, and potential clients. 

6 signs that you need a new website:

  1. Is Your Website More Than a Year Old?
    Chances are, if your website is a year or more old, it’s using technology that has quickly become obsolete.
  2. Are You Using a “Free” Website Plan or Paying a Monthly Fee for a Template Style Website?
    Today, free website plans have severe limitations, especially in the area of search engine optimization.  If you’re paying a monthly fee for a simple website, you’re wasting your money.
  3. Can You Make Simple Updates or Add Search Engine Friendly Content?
    If you’re still sending changes and update requests to your web developer, and changes aren’t made within an hour, then your website is antiquated and outdated.
  4. Are You on Page One in Google, Yahoo, and Bing?
    If your website has been online for more than 6 months and people can’t find you online when they search, that’s a sign that:

    – No search engine optimization has been performed
    – Your website is using outdated technology

    An outdated and antiquated website will not stand a chance today when it comes to search engine optimization and search engine visibility.

  5. Does Your Website Automatically Convert to “Mobile”?
    In less than 12 months (mid 2013) it’s predicted that mobile use will exceed traditional PC/Laptop use.  Consumers will not waste time on websites that aren’t mobile friendly!  Don’t confuse this with mobile “apps”.  Consumers currently prefer “mobile friendly websites” over “mobile apps” when it comes to shopping and looking for goods and services.
  6. Does Your Website Have Social Sharing and Social Interaction Capabilities?
    Having  “Like us on Facebook”, “Follow us on Twitter”, or “Connect with us on LinkedIn” is NOT social interaction and sharing.  If your website doesn’t contain the features necessary to allow visitors to share content with their friends and followers, then you may as well consider your website useless.

If you can answer “NO” to any of the above questions, then your website has become obsolete and is in need of a transformation.  You can have that transformation in just 3 days!   You can have a brand new website, or convert your existing website, in just 3 days!  You can use the exact same platform that “Fortune 500” companies use!  You can have a search engine friendly, search engine optimized, mobile ready, with built in social interaction tools… and NO MONTHLY FEES!  You’ll never need a new website again!

Finally, you can get the edge on your competition.

Ask me how!

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