REALTORS®: 5 Reasons to Switch Your Website to WordPress


There’s no doubt the real estate industry has been greatly impacted by the introduction of the Internet.  My very first client was a RE/MAX team.  I put them online over a year before went online.  For nearly 20 years now, websites have played a major role in helping REALTORS® build their reputation, improve their visibility, and help create relationships between home buyers and home sellers.  Those things haven’t changed.  What HAS changed however, is the technology used to help REALTORS® accomplish this.

Websites used to be cumbersome, difficult to maintain, and could often take a great deal of time to update.  Search engine visibility has always been a challenge for REALTORS®.  In an industry ripe with competition, search engine visibility continues to be a challenge.

Many companies offer real estate specific, template style, “drag and drop” solutions.  I’ve worked with most all of them at some point over the years.  I’ve found that although they may offer much of what REALTORS® need, they can be very costly, and all have various limitations… especially when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  I’ve watched REALTORS® spend a great deal of money over the years as they switch from one company to another… and then to another…  laying out start-up fees, monthly fees, etc… and then spending all that time re-educating themselves on the new platform.  Fortunately, there’s a solution.

WordPress is, by far, the best CMS (Content Management System) software available today.  If you want your website to do it, more than likely WordPress has the capability.

5 Reasons to Switch Your Website to WordPress

  1. Cost Effective
    As with any website, you’ll have your annual domain name renewal and website hosting fees.  The platform software is free and can be found at  Most add-on modules (plugins) are free.  I’d suggest you seek the help of a professional to assist with the original installation and software set-up.  This should be a one-time fee with no monthly maintenance fees.
  2. 100% Total Control
    You have 100% control over every aspect of your website.  Appearance, layout, categorized links and content, add-on modules (plugins), SEO and more.  Most MLS systems across the country provide REALTORS® with IDX links and code which can easily be integrated into pages, posts, and add-on modules.  No more “settling” with what your template style companies provide you with.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Search engines love WordPress… especially Google.  Virtually every aspect of WordPress offers the ability to include meta tags, descriptions, keywords and phrases.  From individual pages and posts to images, videos, links, categories, and more.  Each of these plays a crucial role in helping with search engine visibility.
  4. Social Media Friendly
    WordPress provides users with the ability to easily include icons, links, and streams for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and others.  It’s, by far, one of the easiest platforms for connecting your website with your social networking tools!
  5. Communication, Interaction, and Lead Generation
    WordPress comes complete with powerful communication and consumer interaction tools.   Built right in is the ability for visitors to post comments on articles you’ve written, pages you’ve created, and content you’ve provided.  You can easily add a “Log In” area for users and provide them with “Member Only” content.  Want people to sign up for your newsletter?  Most newsletter services such as “Constant Contact” or “Survey Monkey” provide you with the code you need.  Insert it anywhere in your website.  The opportunities are endless.

This is that rare instance when something that “sounds too good to be true” actually IS true!  If you’re a real estate agent, I strongly encourage you to take a look at WordPress.  I can, with a 99.99% degree of certainty, assure you that it’s the last website change you’re going to make.

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