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I recently attended a workshop facilitated by Jason Kocina, President of Checkerboard Strategic Web Development, a Kocina Branding & Marketing company.  During the workshop, one of the attendees shared how their business uses “Pinterest”.  It got me to thinking and doing some research… and when I start thinking and doing some research, there’s a snowball effect… and when there’s a snowball effect, there’s no stopping me.  Now I’m beginning to sound like one the commercials from the new DIRECTV advertising campaign.  Anyway, the end result was a deeper understanding as to how businesses should be using “Pinterest”… and for many, it may be less about advertising and promoting… and more about visual “listening”.

A Brief History: The development of Pinterest actually started back in December of 2009.  They quietly launched in March of 2010.   In August, 2011, Time Magazine listed it in its “50 Best Websites of 2011” column.  In December, 2011, it ranked among the top 10 social platforms.

What IS “Pinterest”?  In a nutshell… it’s a social platform that allows users to create “Boards” and “pin” photos on these boards.  These boards are often categorized and given titles such as “Hopes & Dreams”, “Bucket List”, “My Favorite This” or “My Favorite That”.  From places they want to visit, recipes they like, to fashion and style favorites,  there’s no end to they type of information being “pinned” and shared out there today.

How should YOU use it?  Obviously, that going to depend, in part, on your business.   There’s already an abundance of information out there suggesting how to use it to advertise and promote your brand, sell your products, entice followers with gifts and contests, etc…  However, if there’s ever been a platform tailored for “listening”, Pinterest is it!

One of the nice things about it is that you don’t need a Pinterest account to view the various “Boards”, “Pins” and information that others are sharing.  You don’t even need to be connected to them via other social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

The business owner at the workshop I mentioned above is a “Wedding Planner”.  I was impressed as I listened to how they use Pinterest.  In this case, they learned that the bride had a number of different wedding and reception type “Boards” and “Pins”.  From dress styles, glassware, and decorations, to music taste, registry information and more… their client had already spent a great deal of time putting this information together… making it easier for this wedding planner to get to work!

What type of business are you involved in?  Who are your customers and clients?  There’s a strong possibility that they’ve already provided a great deal of insight regarding their likes and dislikes on Pinterest.  Are you a REALTOR®?  See what your client wants in their “Dream Home”.  Landscaper?  See what type of plants and trees they like.   Are you an “Interior Decorator”?  Do you remodel homes?  Corporate party or event planning?  Graphic designer?  I could go on and on.  Don’t be afraid to ask them if they use Pinterest.  Visit their “Boards”… look at their “Pins”.  Visually “Listen”.

I can’t think of any business out there that wouldn’t benefit from getting to know its customers and clients better.  Pinterest has made doing that so much easier!

Unsure how you should use Pinterest for YOUR business?  Let me know what type of business it is and I’ll give you some suggestions!  Want an invite so you can start using it?  Send me your email address and I’ll send you an invite!

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