Going Social – Refuse to be Overwhelmed


Here’s a sneak peek at Chapter 5 from my new book entitled “Going Social – Business Success is at Your Fingertips”

Refuse to be Overwhelmed


It’s easy to allow yourself to get carried away as you research, read articles, and converse with others on this topic.  You’re inundated with websites and buzzwords.  You’re advised to “Like” this, “Tweet” that, “Share” here, and “Connect” there.

Today, there are more than 200 websites that fall under the category of Social Media.  This does NOT include online dating or gaming websites.

So where do you start?  This is where it can get a little tricky and overwhelming.  That’s where you’re going to find yourself torn in a number of different directions depending on who you talk to.  Your decisions, direction, implementation, integration, and launch are all going to be dependent upon your business, your audience, your habits, and your overall goals.  There’s no “one size fits all” template for this.

There ARE some basic rules and fundamentals that are applicable to everybody.  From there, it’s going to be as unique as a fingerprint.

That’s why you’d be doing yourself a disservice by listening to the advice of a novice, or trying to copy what your competition is doing. Large corporations make the mistake of turning their social media efforts over to a “part-timer” or an intern.  WHY in the world would you want to put some of the most important marketing and customer service tools in the hands of someone who’s just learning it themselves or who won’t be there for the long haul?

Perform an Internet search for “social media for business articles”.  Read five or six different articles.  You’re going to get five or six different opinions on what you should do and the direction you should take.  Are you really qualified to determine which one of those opinions is going to be best for YOUR business?

That’s why I believe it’s so crucial to get a professional involved.  You need the help of someone with a successful history in the internet marketing industry.  You need guidance from someone who has an in-depth understanding of all the tools out there and can help you select the right ones for you and your business.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always been an advocate of “baby steps”.  If there’s ever been an environment where I feel it’s necessary, this would be it.  You can’t do it all at once.  It’s impossible.  You can’t spread yourself too thin.  You also have a business to tend to… remember?

Rather than become frustrated and allow yourself to be overwhelmed because you feel like you’re behind, simply make the decision to start.  It’s not too late.  Remember this… every day that you wait you’re losing ground.

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